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About Us

Intergalaxy SA was created in 2016 by the businessman Francis Silva

in Panamá, with the goal of facilitating big technology companies processes.
The company participates in all the processes for the creation of its clients’ software, from the technical data that passes through Information Technology, to the actions of Communication, Marketing, and Design. With only 3 years of history, Intergalaxy has already been considered the largest development company in cryptocurrencies technology.

We have a large group of clients, and we have worked with big names in the market, such as Ethereum, Intertradec, Cloudflare, Ibilletera, InterAg, Exudus, Mindexcoin, CryptosExperience, XForks and among many other clients who requested confidential contracts. We want a world where technology can help people and facilitate their routines. That is why we create systems, generate ideas and make transformations. We believe that technology is the first step towards a more egalitarian world. We dream of a day when everyone has access and knowledge about digital systems, a time when technology is no longer something expensive and distant, but essential and present in people’s routine.


Goal Analysis

To fully know what we are going to do.


Project Outline

Planning a sketch with the first ideas and solutions.


System Development

Creating the project with the most advanced resources in the market.