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Intergalaxy was created in 2016 by the businessman Francis Silva

in Panama. It has the goal of facilitating the process of great technology companies. The company participates in all the processes of its customer’s SOFTWARE creation, from the technical data that passes through Information Technology, to the Communication actions, Marketing, and Design. With 3 years of history, Intergalaxy is already considered as the biggest company of cryptocurrency technology development.

Counting with a great customer group, having worked with great names in the market, such as Ethereum, Bloc House, Mindexpay, InterAg, Allgency, Mindexcoin, My Bloc, XForks among other clients that request secrecy contracts. We aim for a world where technology can help people and make their routines easier, where long processes can be solved in seconds. That is why we create systems, generate ideas, and accomplish the transformation. We believe that technology is the first step towards a more equal world. We dream of the day when everybody will have access and knowledge of digital systems, and of the moment when technology will not be something expensive and far away, but essential and present daily.


Always innovating the search for renovation and the eagerness to work and offer what is best in the market, makes us take bigger steps, bigger than the rest of the world has ever seen. We treasure every step which we stepped in, and for taking every detail with dedication and care, we can say that we became one of the biggest standards in technology, with pride in our path.

Created in 2016 in the USA, we developed in Latin America and implemented our HQ in Panamá. In the following year, we achieved new partnerships in the USA and Latin America, where we developed ourselves and expanded our vision, in addition to implementing our services and establishing our office in Curitiba. In 2018 we expanded even more, reaching London and Hong Kong, causing dissemination on the international media. We didn't stop evolving and we are ready for our next step, towards the future we are building today.

Today we act in Brazil, United States, Panama, London, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea with its head office in Curitiba, Orlando, London, Panama, Hong Kong and constitution in Singapore, the Arab Emirates and South Korea.
We don't stop growing and we are ready for our next step, towards a future that we are building today.


Goal Analysis

Understanding what we are doing. We align where you want to get and analyze exactly what are your goals, so then we can create a plan designed for your business.


Project Outline

Planning a draft with the main ideas is the second step. Planning the final goal and how to achieve it is fundamental for us to reach the finish line. With a prepared team, we create the best strategy so that you can be successful.


System Development

Starting the project with a focus on the goal that was planned! With the strategy created, we develop each detail of the project using the most advanced technologies available in the market.